What are heating controls?

July 2018

What are heating controls?

If you have never heard of heating controls, we have a simple description for you. Heating controls are integrated into you central heating system to let you control your energy usage by reducing the temperature in some zones and increase the heat in priority areas.

Why we think you will love our AEA online heating controls!

Our heating controls are more like a remote control for your heating. We use a simple phone app to give you full access to your home heating.



For example…. You leave the house and go to work as usual on a normal day. When you left you expected to be home on time, say 5pm that evening, and have set your heating to run from 4.30pm to get the house up to temp before you arrive back. Your colleagues decide to pop out for a meal and a few drinks after work and you join them. You then realise that your heating will be on when no-one is in the house and the heat produced will be wasted.

If you don’t have our online controls

Your heating will run and you may have to use it again when you get home to get the rooms to a comfortable temperature.

If you have our online controls

You can just connect to wifi on your phone and use our app to turn the heating off, and also give it a boost when you are heading home just to make sure you have enough heat and hot water for the evening.

As you can see one of the direct benefits to having the heating controls and our app is that you can change your heating in real-time to match your lifestyle.


Another benefit of our online heating controls is that you can integrate the system with any combination of existing central heating system. You don’t need to replace your entire system to benefit from increased efficiency.


The AEA online heating controls will work with oil, gas, solar and even solid fuel central heating systems!

Other benefits include:

Grants to help cut the costs!

The SEAI often award grants to homeowners who install heating controls because this addition to your system will greatly reduce your fuel consumption, therefore energy costs and also make your central heating system more efficient. The SEAI website shows the different grants available under the Better Energy Homes scheme. Simple things like increasing the insulation in your walls and attic or getting zoned heating controls can be subsidised by SEAI. Also adding multiple energy saving measures can give you increases in the grant you receive.

If you want to know more about our AEA heating controls, visit our website where you can get a free quote and see more about the grants available!



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