Boiler Replacement/Upgrade

Gas and oil boiler replacement or upgrade

Heating accounts for a majority of your heating bill, and having an efficient boiler makes a huge difference to the efficiency of your system. Your old boiler could be working at as low as 60% efficiency and a replacement or upgraded boiler, so your fuel bill is likely to be higher than it needs to be, see the example below.


Inefficient boiler working at 70% efficiency means essentially that for every €1000 spent on fuel, around €300 of that is lost or wasted due to inefficiencies.

New boilers can work at 95% efficiency meaning that 95% of your spend on fuel is used to heat your home. So really only €50 is lost per €1000 spent and having an efficient boiler makes sense not only financially but increases the heat going to your rooms significantly.

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Our Team

Our team are fully qualified professionals who will take care of the installation and maintenance of your new system. We will fit the best boiler model that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of getting your boiler replaced

Reduce your bills

A new more efficient boiler will reduce your bills significantly, fuel costs will be lower because there is less fuel consumed to provide the same level of heat and comfort in your home.

New boiler models are more efficient mainly because they are condensing boilers, that recover more heat using a heat exchanger and waste less heat through the gases going up the flue. Flue gases can cool to the point that water vapour condenses out and even more energy can be recovered from these vapours.

New boilers must, by Irish law, be condensing boilers regardless of the type of boiler.

Reduce breakdowns and callouts

Older boilers, as well as becoming inefficient, can become unreliable. This means that you will have to have trade professionals come out to fix it, often this becomes more frequent over time and therefore more expensive in terms of materials and labour to keep your boiler system running. New boilers are more reliable, requiring less callouts and repairs and many of the parts are covered by warranties.

Increase heat

You may have noticed that your older boiler isn’t heating your home as well as it used to, a new boiler will help push better levels of heat around your home while using less fuel to do so! Team a new boiler up with our heating controls and you can have heat where you need it, when you need it, without heating the entire radiator circuit which will help reduce your fuel costs even further.

Increase your BER

Getting a new boiler and/or heating controls can help improve the Building Energy Rating (BER) significantly, and the SEAI website tells us that when you improve the BER it can help improve it’s value if you are selling or renting the property out for example.


There are grants available that will assist in reducing the cost of replacing or upgrading your boiler. See our Grants page for more information.

When you upgrade your boiler you should also consider getting other work completed at the same time;

  • System drain

  • System clean and flush

  • Addition of heating controls

  • Equipment add-on to maintain efficiency and cleanliness of the internal system