Central Heating Replacement/Upgrade

Upgrading your heating system helps you get the best efficiency for your home, an upgrade to your heating system may be a combination of replacing your boiler, your heating controls or adding remote access to your heating controls.

Living in a changeable climate means that it is a good idea to have the most efficient and reliable central heating system you can, with lower breakdowns and lower fuel consumption.

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Our Team

Our team are fully qualified professionals who will take care of the installation and maintenance of your new system. We take care of the sizing and installation of your new system so that you don’t have to worry about the details!

Benefits of a New Central Heating System

Size matters!

If your central heating system is old it may be oversized, often boilers for example, can be up to twice as small as the older models giving you more space! Well sized models operate at a constant level, reducing wear and tear over time.

Clean system

When you get a new central heating the radiator circuit is flushed and there is not silt or sludge left to slow down the flow of hot water between each radiator. This should improve the heat that the radiators receive and allow them to heat up faster.

Better insulated cylinder

Particularly with old systems the hot water cylinder may not be keeping the water hot for very long. New cylinders come with specialised insulation that will trap the heat for longer meaning that the boiler does not need to run as long to produce hot water.

Save money

An efficient system means that fuel consumption will go down and that the heat and hot water in your home will be of better quality and duration, than with an older system.


There are grants available that will assist in reducing the cost of replacing or upgrading your boiler. See our Grants page for more information.


When you upgrade your central heating you should also consider other money and fuel saving measures such as;

  • Addition of heating controls

  • Equipment add-on to maintain efficiency and cleanliness of the internal system