See how our APP works!

The video shows how some of the key features of the APP, and how easy it is to use.


AEA iZone

Run each room as a direct single entity to be heated
Each room can be set on its own individual heating time plan
Multiple heating schedules with varying temperatures per room per day
Frost protection
Control from home or away – Use of app and internet connection is necessary
Monitored with office support
Actively enhance your heating use while reducing fuel bills
Set required temperatures and times for the heating system to achieve the required temperatures on 7 day, 24 hour time plans. This is optional but can be utilised for maximum convenience and increasing efficiency of consumption of your fuel
Alternatively, you can simply demand heat for two hours to the room you are using if you wish
All of this can be controlled from our app with ease
Your hot water supply can be managed in the same way
Designed for Irish homes – our system works with many sources of heating capability such as solid fuel, gas, kerosene boilers and solar.
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App screen shows heating program and schedules are on.

Hot water is set on timer for 6pm and currently water in the the hot water cylinder is 32.4 Celsius.

This app screen shows how simple it is to turn off the heating systems schedule and daily program.

Here we see the hot water options.

You can run your timer function or give the water a one or two hour heating boost.

This may be required to run baths etc.

Here the Kitchen room controls have 4 options for temperature.

These values can be changed by the homeowner easily within the app.

A click on any of the four circles will increase or decrease the temperature.

The little hands allow for extra functionality.

Our representatives go through all this during home visits.

On this image we see two of “Jim Murphy’s” rooms.

His Kitchen and Hall are asking for the system to provide a minimum of 7 degrees of heat.

They are also seeking 20 degrees at 5pm and 15 degrees at 7pm respectively.

The tablet/phone being used tells us the time is 1.43 pm and the app shows us the current room temperatures at 22.2 and 14.1 degrees.

From this we can say the heating system is not actively heating these rooms as the homeowner has not set any heating demands for 1.43 in the afternoon.

Here we see minimum temperature set at 15 degrees.

Room temperature is currently 16.9 and at 4pm Jim would like 18 degrees in toilet and utility area.

If the temperature in this area falls below 15 degrees the heating will bring it back to maintain this temperature until the increased level is required at 4pm.

Similarly his Kitchen, currently at 19.6 is required to be at or above 15 degrees until the heating schedule at 3.30pm brings on the temperature of this room to 21 degrees.

This screen gives Jim the ability to set the varying temperatures he requires throughout the day on a 7 day programmable schedule for his Kitchen.

There is one of these screens in his app for every room in his home giving Jim an immense ability to prevent overheating and overspending on fuel.

He also has a vastly superior quality of comfort compared to before he upgraded his boiler along with this system.

This screen is only applicable to those who utilise solar water heating in tandem with their heating control system.