We are very happy with this smart zone system.
we are a busy family of five and being able to control the heating via an app on our phone suits our needs.
Also being able to turn off individual rooms like an upstairs bedroom or utility room is a bonus.


System was fitted in one day to my existing gas heating.
The controller is simple to use.
The App is user friendly and the office backup is a bonus if needed.

Gerry AbbottCo.Meath

Fast, Clean Install, Fitted in one day.
Very happy with the flexibility the smart zones give us.
I can control my heating from my phone whilst i am away on holiday during the winter months.
I highly recommend the multi-room system.

Ron ShieldsCo.Armagh

Multi-room is so easy to use.
You can heat what room you are using and you have full control of what heat you want in each room.
This has saved me money on oil as I am only heating the rooms I need heated

Martin LongCo.Cork

I had it installed initially as a fuel saving tool.
However the comfort levels were an addition and very welcome.
An even bigger bonus was the office support they were friendly and reliable would recommend.