Zoned Heating Controls

What is the AEA Energy’s iZone heating control system?

The iZone heating control system is an intelligent system that once installed, will allow the user to manage their heating room by room and also to operate the hot water system separately.

The iZone system will give you complete freedom over how you heat your house and your energy consumption.

Very simply it is a remote control for your home heating and hot water.

What devices run the iZone application?

The application is a user friendly custom built piece of software that will work on your mobile devices, tablets and PC’s. It is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

The AEA Team manage all issues and are available to help with any customer difficulties.

See how our APP works

The iZone installation

Installation is easy, we have a specialised team of qualified installers who will go to your address to install the system. The team also give instruction on how to use the system from the panel but also how to use our application on your devices.

What does the iZone do?

The iZone is an intelligent heating control system, it controls the system from the main panel (the iZone hub) and also can be controlled using the smart devices that have access to Wifi or data.

The system can separate the hot water system and the radiator system, this allows you to produce hot water without heating the radiators.

Another key function of the iZone system is that each room can be controlled individually and the temperature can be set to the desired level in one room while not making any changes to other rooms.

The iZone application also monitors the performance of the application.