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  • Outstanding Customer Support

    Outstanding Customer Support

    Passionate about customers from first contact to aftercare

  • Energy Efficiency Experts

    Energy Efficiency Experts

    User-friendly solutions reduce energy usage & costs

  • RGII, OFTEC, RECI & SEAI approved

    RGII, OFTEC, RECI & SEAI approved

    Highly trained & fully qualified technicians

Heat your home efficiently & reduce costs

Heating your home and hot water accounts for around 80% of your total energy usage – so having an efficient heating system is crucial if you want to minimise costs and avoid ever-escalating bills.

We’re energy efficiency experts who specialise in heating systems maintenance and upgrades – designed to boost your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your costs.

With an extensive range of annual maintenance contracts and a bespoke customer upgrade service, we ensure that your home’s heating system is operating at its optimal rate – keeping your home warm for less all year round.

Why AEA Energy?

  • Why service your heating system?

    Why service your heating system?

    An annual service keeps your heating system efficient & effective – extending its life, avoiding breakdowns, complying with warranty conditions and ensuring that it's operating at its optimal rate – minimising energy usage and costs.

  • Why upgrade your heating system?

    Why upgrade your heating system?

    Older boilers often waste energy and end up costing you more – installing heating controls, a condensing boiler or a solar PV system reduces energy usage, costs and carbon footprint plus delivers a return on your investment.

  • Why choose AEA Energy?

    Why choose AEA Energy?

    We're RGII, OFTEC & RECI registered energy efficiency experts. Flexible, focused and forward thinking, we specialise in heating systems servicing and bespoke upgrades with exclusive rates for customers – helping you become energy efficient and reducing your costs.

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Maintenance Services

  • Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Helping you optimise efficiency, minimise running costs & reduce bills.

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  • Solar Thermal Heating & Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Solar Thermal Heating & Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Our dedicated solar thermal servicing team is one of just a handful in Ireland.

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  • Solar Thermal Online Heating & Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Solar Thermal Online Heating & Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Monitor & optimise your system’s performance – including heating controls.

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  • Online Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Online Gas or Oil Boiler Service

    Balance & optimise your system, keep running costs low & update your software.

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  • 5-Yearly Glycol Flush Service

    5-Yearly Glycol Flush Service

    Don’t risk glycol blocking your solar thermal heating system.

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  • Upgrading your heating controls can reduce energy usage by more than 20%

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Let’s Talk

Do you have a question about maintaining or upgrading your heating system? Looking for ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency or reduce your costs? Our RGII, OFTEC & RECI registered team of heating maintenance experts would love to help.

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Customer Upgrades

  • Boiler Upgrades & Installations

    Boiler Upgrades & Installations

    Reduce bills & boost energy efficiency with a gas or oil condensing boiler.

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  • Multiroom Heating Controls

    Multiroom Heating Controls

    Discover complete control over energy consumption with i-Zone.

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  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    Keep your heating system efficient & cost-effective with our maintenance contracts.

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  • Solar PV Installations

    Solar PV Installations

    Generate your own renewable energy, saving on bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

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  • Water Softener & Filter System

    Water Softener & Filter System

    Remove water impurities and unpleasant tastes and odours.

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  • Installing a solar PV system can save you over 50% per year on your electricity bills?

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What You Say

AEA installed my system last summer. I found the office staff and engineers honest and available. The end result is a super warm house, constant hot water and cheaper fuel bills.

Jan O Seachnasai

I’d never had my boiler serviced regularly before – but I’ve been really impressed with AEA. They’re friendly and responsive and give me the reassurance that my boiler is operating well. I’m looking forward to their recommendations on steps I can take to make my heating system even more energy efficient.

Noel O Grady

As a family whose schedule is constantly shifting, it’s amazing to be able to control our heating remotely and change timings easily – and the installation process was great too. Thanks AEA.

Richie O Donoghue

Controlling my heating room by room from the device of my choice? Amazing. Love every aspect of AEA Energy’s service, thank you!

Tara Smith

We’ve had our solar energy system for a few years now – and for most of them we’ve been with AEA for servicing. The quality of their work is fantastic and they’re also punctual, professional and reliable. I thoroughly recommend them.

Donal Daly