Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all sales contracted by AEA Energy Limited which will not accept any other Terms & Conditions of sale, including any Buyer’s ‘conditional” purchase order or similar unless the Buyer and AEA Energy Limited have executed a written agreement which specifically modifies, supersedes and/or replaces these Terms & Conditions and such agreement is signed by a Director of AEA Energy Limited.

The Buyer is the person, persons, organisation, Company or such other legal entity as may be able to enter into a Contract for the purchase of energy related systems from AEA Energy Limited.

The Seller is AEA Energy Limited on this document referred to as AEA.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

The Buyer’s acceptance of these Terms & Conditions without any alteration shall be by signing this Sales Order Form the Invoices and include and refer to all costs, charges, VAT and other taxes applicable.

Price – AEA’s prices and calculations are set out on the front of this Sales Order Form and the back of Invoices and include and refer to all costs, charges, VAT, and other taxes applicable.

Payment Terms – unless otherwise specified, the payment terms are 30% Deposit on the signing of Sales Order Form and final balance on the morning of installation.


  • The Buyer shall pay a deposit on signing of the Sales Order Form-this payment may be by Bank Transfer/ Bank Draft /Debit Card/ Credit Card/Cash. Cheques to be made out to AEA Energy Limited. A receipt will be made on this Sales Order Form.
  • Please note that this Sales Order is not a formal mutually committing Sales Order until the Deposit is paid in usable funds in the Bank account of AEA.

Interim/2nd Payment

The Buyer shall make upon larger valued Sales Orders, an Interim or 2nd Payment prior to Installation, and this is payable by the Buyer upon Survey to the AEA surveyor, and the payment should be made to the surveyor on the day of Survey. The payment to be made out to AEA Energy Limited.

Final Balance

  • Upon the day of commencement of the actual on-site Installation, the Final Balance Payment shall be given to the AEA Installation team when they arrive on site to commence the Installation. This payment must be by Bankers Draft or cash and made out to AEA Energy Limited.
  • Online Bank Transfer Payments If paying by online bank transfer, the full outstanding balance must be transferred prior to the morning that the installation starts.

Methods of Payment of Final Balance

  • Bank Draft made payable to AEA Energy Limited.
  • Debit Card Payments If paying by Debit Card, the full outstanding balance must be transferred to AEA’s account prior to, or on, the morning that the installation starts, This must be executed by telephone with the AEA Office who will collect the payment on-line.
  • Credit Card Payments if paying by Credit Card, all banking charges incurred (currently @ 1.5% of value) will be added to each payment collected. The Final Balance must be transferred to AEA’s account on or prior to the morning that the installation starts. This to be executed by telephone with the AEA office who will collect the payment on-line.
  • BACS transfer of funds may be transmitted direct from the Buyer’s Bank account to AEA Bank account. Usually 2 working days are required for this transaction, so for the payment of the Final Balance, the funds should be transferred 2 working days prior to the start date of the installation.
  • Personal and Credit Union or Building Society cheques are not accepted for payment of the final balance.

Assurances of Payment

AEA, at its discretion may require reasonable advance assurances of payment, and this will be discussed and agreed with the Buyer prior to the Installation date.

Unpaid Invoices and Overdue Payments

  • All unpaid invoices and overdue payments shall bear interest at an amount equal to 5% per month of the outstanding balance commencing on the date that payment is due.
  • The Buyer’s failure to make timely payments may result in commencement of proceedings for collection, revocation of credit, stoppage of shipment, delay or cessation of future deliveries, repossession of or quarantined of underpaid delivered goods and systems.
  • AEA shall have no continuing obligation to deliver or install products or systems whilst outstanding payments or unpaid invoices remain outstanding.

Responsibility, Ownership, and Title to the Products Purchased by the Buyer

  • Responsibility – all goods, materials, equipment and fixtures and fittings delivered to site whether installed and working or not are the responsibility of the Buyer in terms of safeguarding protecting insuring and retaining on site as intended.
  • Ownership – all goods, materials, equipment and fixtures and fittings delivered to site whether installed and working or not remain the ownership of AEA until paid for in full as defined by the Sales Order Form and any signed amendments.
  • Title – all goods, materials, equipment and fixtures and fittings delivered to site whether installed and working or not remain the unencumbered property of AEA until paid for in full as defined by the Sales Order Form and any signed amendments.

14-Day “Cooling-Off Period

  • When a Sales Order Form has been completed and has been signed and dated by both the Buyer and AEA, and the relevant deposit has been paid, the Buyer will have a period of 14 days from the date of signing the Sales Order Form to withdraw from the transaction at which time any deposit paid by the Buyer shall be refunded by AEA to the Buyer.
  • To withdraw, the Buyer must inform AEA in writing, which may take the form of a letter, or e mail to info@aeaenergy.ie Either way must demonstrate that the withdrawal was initiated within the 14 day period. If the Buyer withdraws by telephone call, they must speak to the Sales Office Manager, and follow up with a written confirmation.
  • If the Buyer does not exercise their right to withdraw from the purchase within the 14-day cooling off period, any subsequent withdrawal shall be null and void and the deposit paid by the Buyer at the time that they signed the Sales Order Form shall be forfeited and retained by AEA.
  • The Buyer, by signing the Sales Order Form and agreeing to the Terms & Condition hereby agrees and accepts that the deposit payable is not refundable if a decision is made by the Buyer to withdraw from the transaction after the expiration of the 14 day cooling off period.
  • Refund of Deposit back to the Buyer will be paid by Bank Transfer to the Buyer’s bank account or cheque only, and will be less any finance charge if a credit card or similar has been used.

Installation Timescales

If timescales have been agreed at the time of the signing of the Sales Order Form, and they affect the cost of installation and there is a cost to AEA, AEA reserves the right to pass on those costs to the Buyer.

Licence to use Software Programme and AEA intellectual Property (IP)

If the installation incorporates electronics such as the multi-room controller and/or other proprietary software or programming, AEA hereby grants the Buyer Licence to use such software and IP during such times as all invoices are paid, and there are no outstanding payments due. If this situation occurs, AEA will grant a licence extension for 1 week from the overdue date, then the licence to use the software and IP lapses until all outstanding monies are paid up to date.

General Warranties*

The warranties below are quidelines only, to find out individual warranties please contact our office on info@aeaenergy.ie

  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on AEA Elite cylinders.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on AEA Hothead cylinders.
  • AEA shall have no liability for any damage to the Goods arising from lime, iron or other mineral content in the water.
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on solar panel.
  • 2 year AEA warranty on all Solar Parts i.e.solar pump station, solar controllers and solar vessels.
  • 2 year warranty on all multiroom actuator heads and controllers.(Tablets are not covered on warranty).
  • 12 months’ parts and labour warranty on all other parts such as Immersion, circulator pumps, booster pumps, motorised valves, time clocks etc.
  • All warranties are null & void unless AEA maintenance schedule is adhered to


  • Tablets are not covered by warranty. AEA shall have no liability for accidental damage to actuator heads or tablets. AEA shall have no liability for any damage to the Goods arising from the use of non-proprietary inhibitor, electrolysis, lime,iron or other mineral content in the water. AEA shall have no liability for accidental damage to panel, heads tablets, etc.
  • As a part of the installation works associated with this Sales Order,AEA may be connecting with/into/onto existing services at your property. Whilst AEA shall take all reasonable steps to not disturb the existing services, issues may arise post installation with existing services that were not directly associated with the works carried out by AEA.AEA shall only be responsible for any issues that occur on new services installed, and the direct connections with existing services.
  • Any consequential loss as a result of faulty materials, products or workmanship

Product Development, Reliability and Evolution

AEA reserves the right to change any part of the system without notice to the Buyer if AEA believe these changes will help increase potential savings and performance of the system. This clause is only applicable if changes occur after the deposit is paid and before installation.

Potential Energy and Cost Savings

AEA energy and cost savings claims for its products and systems are made in good faith, are realistic, and field proven, and these are checked against the Government published expected savings. Generally, the AEA products produce greater savings due to their unique design and development over the years. However, the savings claimed are probable averages and in most cases, Buyers will enjoy savings greater than those claimed by AEA, but the individual savings per dwelling or property will vary because of the many factors that can influence savings and these are outside of the control of AEA.

Sale of Goods Act

If the customer is a consumer as defined by the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 the product sold is subject to any conditions or warranties implied by the Sale of Goods Act 1893 and 1980. AEA hereby acknowledges that nothing in this agreement shall alter or limit any statutory rights that the Buyer has and the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 applies to such transactions between the Buyer and AEA Energy Limited. Should any part of the AEA contract with the Buyer be in conflict with the Sale of Goods acts, the remainder of the contract shall hold good.

Arbitration Clause

In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and AEA, howsoever arising, any such dispute shall be referred to arbitration pursuant to the provisions of the Arbitration Act 2008 or any statutory modification thereof. An award in such arbitration shall be a condition precedent to any legal proceedings in any Court against AEA in respect of such dispute or difference.

Grants and Incentives

All grant and Incentive figures quoted by AEA are given as an indication only. AEA cannot apply directly for any grants and incentives and is not responsible for any amounts not received. While AEA utilises its best endeavours to be as accurate as possible with the amounts at the date of Sales Order, all grants and incentive figures are subject to change at any time and at discretion of the issuing body or company offering the grant or incentive.

Data Protection

AEA will comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1997 and 2003. Any personal information collected by AEA including the customer’s name,address,telephone number and other details furnished by the customer shall not be disclosed by AEA to any third party without the consent of the customer unless required to do so by law, search warrant, subpoena, court order or in the interests of protection of intellectual property rights or at any other such time as AEA acting in good faith may deem appropriate

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  • Data collected when you contact us – When you contact us via a website, phone, email, etc., you give us your personal information, such as your name, email address.

How do we use your data?

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  • Data collected during correspondence between you and our service will be used solely to respond to your inquiry.
  • Automatically collected data will be used to track statistics, view the number of users on the site, and logged in users.
  • In case of inspection by the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection, your data may be made available to the Inspectorate employees in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
  • In the event of a violation of our Terms of Service, violation of law, or where required by law, we may share your information with the judicial authorities.

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