Upgrade Your Home Heating System

Have you had years of inadequate heating in your home?

Tired of depending on a dysfunctional thermostat during cold conditions? Do you find yourself paying unnecessary high costs? Well, it doesn’t need to be this way for much longer. Smart heating has many tangible benefits and is here to stay, so let us guide you through why upgrading your heating system is a good idea.


Being able to control a heating system in your home no matter where you are. At work, on a bus, or even on holidays. Control the temperatures in each room, so you can set the system to suit your daily needs. This is one of the best advantages of upgrading your system.

Most modern thermostats installed have a temperature, humidity, activity and light sensors behind the sensor window, to help it react more intelligently to changing conditions, for example, it will turn off the heating when it notices you have left the home to help save on your heating bills. It will also take into account the impact of direct sunlight falling on the unit and still read and set the correct temperature.


Save 50%+ on your heating bills, no more wasting large amounts of money heating unoccupied rooms. Therefore, you only heat the rooms you need, when you need them to be heated. Eliminating rooms that do not need to be heated on a daily basis.

Being able to prioritize rooms and temperatures levels at ease is one of the most important reasons why you should upgrade your home heating system, even for the simple fact that savings happen straight away. Homeowners can also avail of different types of grant schemes to help fund the installation of a new efficient heating system in your home like the SEAI better energy homes program.


Feel at ease knowing your home temperature is covered in bad weather conditions… even if your not there as almost every system has Frost Protection (Doesn’t allow the system to ever go below 3°C.) Another obvious benefit of remote access to your boiler from wherever you are, a good smart thermostat will give you unprecedented control over your heating system and hot water through manual, scheduled or automated settings as well.

Scheduling your heating has meant flicking a switch in a cupboard or pressing several buttons on the boiler and hoping you’d wake up with toasty feet or come home to a warm house. Smart heaing takes the guesswork out of scheduling, while also making it easier and offering more options, which in turn develops better and more efficient heating behavior.


After installing a new heating system in your home, your smartphone turns into a remote control heating device! Easy access to most systems from any smartphone. Making your heating smart will reduce your energy wastage and costs through intelligent control and automation. The easiest and most effective solution for this is to use a smart thermostat, a small device that breaks down your heating system’s complexity connects it to the internet and unlocks a huge potential of new features and benefits that you probably never knew was possible.

Having the capability to work with both Apple and mobile Android software, so on your tablet, computer and phone you can check usage and operate it away from your home.


Energy efficiency is becoming an additional factor in determining house value in Ireland, by investing in the new home heating software you are also increasing the value of your home. Many homeowners are becoming more aware of making their home more energy efficient not only to reduce costs but to increase the overall value of their home. A house with a good energy efficiency rating can fetch almost 10% more than a comparable property with a low Building Energy Rating (BER), according to an ESRI report*.

The results of that report showed that that energy efficiency has a positive effect on the sale price of the property. Heating systems aren’t just about what you can do right now, they are also about future proofing your home because they are only going to get more intelligent through free software updates and growing appliances.

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